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10:00am - 5:00pm

Workshop 1 - Change Agent in Pricing Certification

Research shows that 70% of change project fail. Pricing projects and pricing transformations need a strong change management approach including a vision, a success team coalition, a compelling need for change, and a change management toolbox. The CAP® certification workshop reviews the entire change management process and focuses on 10 critical dimensions of change in pricing and value management. During this program, participants will learn:

  • To recognize the need for change leadership in pricing projects.
  • To design a powerful change management toolbox for their pricing projects.
  • To select the right metrics and KPI’s to measure the change process.
  • To build strong coalitions to maximize change success.
  • To develop a pricing and value vision that will energize sales teams.
  • To use positive and compelling language that energizes teams to get on board.
  • To act as change agents in pricing in their organization.

The training will combine the latest theoretical science on change management and change leadership. Participants are required to bring real-life pricing project information to build a proprietary change management roadmap.

Stephan Liozu, Ph.D. Prosci®

Chief Value Officer , Thales

Workshop 2 - Fundamentals of Pricing Strategy

Fundamentals of Pricing Strategy is an interactive one-day workshop, which introduces the Vendavo industry-leading approach to elevating the function of Price Management. It is designed to enable participants to bring pricing at their organization to the level of strategic capability.

It covers key pricing topics by combining industry case studies, hands on exercises and facilitated discussions on:

  • Pricing Strategy Introduction — introduces tactical questions that underlie common historical approaches to pricing
  • Role of Cost in Pricing Decisions — overview of cost-based approaches to pricing and methodology for contribution maximizing pricing decision making
  • Role of Customer Value in Pricing — overview of value as an element of pricing strategy and methodology to capture value in price
  • Role of Competition in Pricing — overview of theories regarding the nature of competition and alternatives to price competition
  • Pricing Strategy Archetypes — overview of the four most common strategy archetypes used in pricing and marketing

Completing this course will provide a deeper understanding of:

  • Methodologies for price setting and price execution
  • Cost and financial analysis for pricing
  • Value-based pricing best practices
  • Practical application of price segmentation
  • Strategies for managing price competition
  • How to develop profit maximizing pricing strategies

Alex Hoff

Vice President of Business Consulting , Vendavo

Workshop 3 - Value-Based Pricing

Value based Pricing is a widely documented and well-known concept. Everyone has heard the theory and yet, it still remains an underutilized practice. There are a range of well-known methodologies available to support this activity. However, they tend to be time consuming and require companies to invest significant effort in the definition of new product pricing. This has direct consequences for the number of products that any organization can manage at one time.

In this workshop, we will look at how you can develop and deploy supplementary methodologies that will enable you to apply a value based pricing approach to a broader set of products, not only for product introductions. We will also address the challenges of ensuring that all your hard work in setting a value based price does not go out of the window at the point of negotiation.

In a group exercise, together with your peers, you will have the opportunity to develop and debate this practical approach to Value Based Pricing, including: addressing roadblocks to implementation, identifying customer behaviors to be incentivized and agreeing the process to ensure sales adoption.

We look forward to welcoming you to this interactive workshop.

Robert Irwin

Vice President of Business Consulting Europe , Vendavo


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Keynote - Winning the Race to Value in a Digital Economy

Join Vendavo’s CEO in looking at the changes impacting the industry and learn about the strategic directions the company is taking to ensure it remains the market leader in large enterprise pricing solutions and in delivering maximum value to its customers.


Keynote - Capturing Pricing in the Digital Era

The rapid transformation to a digital era is bringing many changes and challenges to the enterprise as new types of markets, business models, and consumers come to light. Learn how these changes are impacting your business and how you need to utilize advanced analytics to garner the insights you need to keep up with the new pace of change.


Keynote - Business Transformation in the Digital Economy - Customer Testimonial

The “Digitization of Healthcare” has created buzz across the healthcare ecosystem. Disruptive industry forces, emerging technologies and the consumerization of healthcare have organizations across the ecosystem clamoring for more efficient ways to support rapid change and digital innovation. The key to embracing this challenge as an opportunity to drive changes around pricing & margin management is reduced revenue leakage, increased market share and improved sales effectiveness. This keynote presentation will show you how to lead a fast paced, deep business transformation in less than 12 months.


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Keynote - Rethinking Your Pricing Strategy for a Digital Economy

The role of pricing is facing a host of new forces in the digital economy. Large enterprises must be prepared to rethink their pricing strategy to address these forces head-on. Learn about the major forces in the digital economy and how the role of pricing will change to meet the new demands of digital customers.




Putting the P in CPQ: Why You Need to Focus on Price Optimization to Raise your CPQ IQ

Too often enterprises place too much attention on the configuration and quotation processes without understanding the full value impact that pricing optimization can have within a CPQ process. Pricing is recognized by many analysts and industry experts as an essential impact lever to profitability. Don’t settle for process improvement only, bring much needed IQ to your CPQ processes and maximize your value generation.

Price & Margin Strategy for the Chemicals Industry in Today's Market

The modern Chemicals market is all about volatility impacting your input costs, the prices you compete against, and now, import/export/duty/tax/investment uncertainty with the new administration. What are your options for high level pricing and margin strategy with so much uncertainty? What tactics might support a particular strategic choice? How can you stay flexible to adjust what happens in the short term, yet stay on track with long-term goals?  Fluctuations and changes are the new norm and the chemical industry is in the midst of the turmoil. Join industry experts who will discuss strategic and tactical insights to address challenging market conditions. We will keep the discussion grounded and you will learn more about pricing best practices and key industry benchmarks that you can operationalize immediately to gauge your pricing effectiveness.

Using Competitive Insights to Improve Your Pricing

In this climate of Big Data and open access to information, how can we leverage data to price better? Specifically, how can we best leverage competitive data? Get ahead of the pricing curve by using your own competitors’ information to drive new insights back into your pricing optimization efforts. In this roundtable discussion, we will be picking the brains of a few key panel members who are leading the race of acquiring competitive information and leveraging it to help better their businesses. Lace up your running shoes and come join us!

Fix Your Rebate Management and Run it at Digital Speed

B2B companies continue to struggle with limited sell-through channel sales, marketing and financial reporting visibility. Most firms manage channel activities with a mixture of homegrown, primarily spreadsheet-driven processes. These can lead to untrustworthy data, vast inefficiencies, millions in lost revenue, and excessive costs. To help identify why this underperformance exists and what you can do about it, attend this session to learn how to best address your channel management challenges.


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Operational, Deployment and Persistence Considerations in the Real-World: Thoughts from a Major Chemical Producer

Success is great! But it doesn’t come without the right preparation. How do you make a winning project a foundational part of your organization going forward?  In this roundtable session, a senior leader at a major chemical producer describes operational and deployment considerations, and the need for conscious persistence as organizations go through inevitable change.

5 Steps to Running a Successful Pricing Improvement Project

This session will focus on an overall best practice methodology to run price improvement projects: It will cover topics such as project set up/resources, step by step methodology and gaining leadership support for the recommended actions.

Operational Best Practices to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Business operations move quicker than ever in the digital economy. With the increase in data collection and analysis, pricing is subject to changes. To stay profitable, you have to know how your competitors and market are reacting to these changes. In this roundtable session, you will hear from industry leaders currently utilizing operational best practices to monitor and stay ahead of the competition.

Establish a Meaningful Price Maturity Model and Unlock a Route to Sustained Value

Vendavo Strategic Pricing & Business Transformation experts will demonstrate a new Pricing Maturity Framework that can quickly uncover and eliminate unknown gaps in your Pricing Strategy and accelerate your value capture and master your pricing transformation.


Project Approach for Doubling your Annual Price Increase Success rate

This session will focus deeply on one aspect of price improvement projects; increasing the success rate of annual price increases.  It will cover topics such as the statistics on the low rate of success of most companies, through the methodology (discussed in module one) examples specific to price increases and common best practice solutions to double to triple your price increase success rate.

Bridging the Gap between Sales Guidance & CRM

In order to deliver best pricing guidance to sales rep on the go, a leading high-tech company knew they needed a single source of truth for pricing and an automated solution for contextual recommendations. They decided to start an initiative to bridge the gap between their CRM and ERP systems to drive global growth, speed up approvals, and empower sales with “best fit” prices. Hear how they did it and learn valuable lessons you take back to do the same for your organization.

Global & Scalable Deployment Best Practices

Leverage in-memory computing for pricing analytics. This session will give you a insights and lessons learned from a real-life implementation.

An Incremental Approach to Change Management in Your Pricing Organization

Transforming your pricing practice from “struggling” to “world class” is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight.  The old ways of doing things are being challenged, so it takes a strong change management effort to continue to move forward.  The journey involves strategy, time, and resources throughout the organization.  Learn how Lennox International is addressing its pricing practice change management needs by adopting an incremental approach to expanding the transformation through the organization, level by level.


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Keynote - Road Mapping to a Digital Economy

Is the price list dead? If not how will it evolve? If it is what comes next? What is the role of pricing intelligence in a digital world? This session will address new capabilities in software, UX design and service delivery are re-shaping the future of Corporate Margin Management in the digital economy. Showcase Vision2020, Business Risk Alerts, Segmentation Refresh, Deal Guide, Intuitive UX and VendavoCloud. What will the next generation Pricing tools look like? What is the impact to the Pricing Practitioner and what are the new skills required to satisfy the demands of the business?


Keynote - Disrupt or be Disrupted. How Digitization is Changing Segmentation, Pricing and Ecommerce in the B2B World

Disrupt or be disrupted! The world is changing at a fast pace. Many organizations are making slow progress and/or left behind . Technological progress is unstoppable and is disrupting go-to-market strategies in many sectors. The choice is not if technological transformations are needed but when and how fast. In this presentation, Stephan Liozu introduces today’s major forces of disruption in the business world as well as highlights how technology is dramatically changing go-to-market strategies. Pricing is not the only approach that is impacted. Segmentation, product offerings, channel eco-systems are also considerably shaken. This keynote presentation proposes some best practices on how to turn disruption into a competitive advantage.
Attendees will learn

  1. How forces of disruption in changing business dynamics
  2. How technology is transforming business model and go-to-market strategies
  3. How organizations can embrace disruption and turn it into differentiation
  4. How pricing technologies can be become a strategic advantage


Keynote - Dealing With Digital Disruption and The Modern Buyer

This customer panel will talk about the impact of the internet revolution and modern buying trends that feed off online sources. Listen to our expert panel of pricing specialists from Fortune companies talk about how they deal with better-informed buyers and the price erosion caused by the advent of the information era.


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How to Address the 3 Bottlenecks Blocking Effective B2B Pricing

To capture the full value from your products, you need to address three common bottlenecks in value capture:

  1. Understanding the full value your customers receive from your products,
  2. Aligning channel strategy and incentives and
  3. Executing to get the best pricing decision every time.

In this roundtable discussion, participants will share their successes and challenges in each of these three areas and which is most critical for their company

Pricing in Digital Economy: How Data and Analytics Drive Value in Segmentation and List-Price Optimization

Public Price lists are the bedrock of price setting. They inform the customers about prices; good ones describe the most valued products and services attributes. An optimal price list can boost profits by up to 5 percentage points. Yet ironically managers have never had as many doubts regarding the setting of their next public list price. The additional profit potential from the exercise will continue to be available for capture if one resolves some new ambiguities. How to combine the increased price transparency of the digital channel and the public price guidance for the traditional “brick and mortar” activities? How to handle some visible price gaps in the markets generated by new players like parallel traders or Internet Discounters? How to charge for services that used to be implicitly included in the brand premium? Let’s talk… how Analytics can help in managing the increased price transparency and preparing your next Public Price List.

The Digital High-Tech Company: New Opportunities to Unlock Value and Uplift Margins

In this session Vendavo High Tech experts will discuss new challenges, best practices, impact of the digital economy and lessons learned. Pricing, sales, and marketing professionals in the high tech industry will get to hear about some of the latest trends that will impact their work in the near future.

On-Premise to Hosted, A Strategy Story

Leading specialty chemical company faced some key decisions regarding their Vendavo solution which is hosted on premise.  Due to technology changes and end-of-life concerns, Vendavo’s hosted solution was included as an option for a new technology architecture strategy.  This presentation provides details on company’s past, present and future with Vendavo with insights into the strategy to move to Vendavo’s hosted solution.




Channel Pricing Strategy in a Multichannel eCommerce World

The internet is creating channel pricing challenges across industries. E-commerce brings both price transparency and price precision: the ability to charge different customers different prices. Most manufacturers want to leverage the growth opportunities presented by online channels, but without blowing up their current channel partners.
Channel pricing strategy starts with two seemingly simple questions:

  1. Should our prices be higher online, or lower online?
  2. Do I want and other online retailers to bring me customers and volume, or to help improve the efficiency of my service and fulfillment operations for customers that I already have?

In this presentation, Colin will lay out the 7 steps for developing and implementing a channel pricing strategy, and detail the resultant implications for people, process and tools, and in particular discuss leveraging your Vendavo footprint to accelerate implementation of your channel strategy.

How to Drive Better Sales Negotiations & Good Customer Experience

Sales negotiations are a double-edged sword. You need to equip your sales executive with all the background information needed to negotiate better and win a profitable deal. At the same time, companies need to ensure great customer experience throughout the deal process. Listen to how GAF equips its sales teams with more accurate and timely quotes which has in turn empowered the field to quote with less work and hassle.

The Digital Manufacturer: New Opportunities to Unlock Value and Uplift Margins

In this session Vendavo Manufacturing experts will discuss new challenges, best practices, impact of the digital economy and lessons learned. Pricing, sales, and marketing professionals in the manufacturing industry will get to hear about some of the latest trends that will impact their work in the near future.

Value-in-use Pricing for New Products

Value-in-use Pricing for New Products: A Rapid, Practical & Effective Methodology. This session will focus on a rapid, practical and highly effective methodology for doing value-in-use pricing for new products (or an existing product)


The Deal Desk for The New Age Sales Cycle

Deal desks now have to manage expectations of well-informed sales reps, customers who expect faster turnaround times, and also deal with meeting profitability targets. Learn the best practices implemented by the deal desk team at Dell which helped them meet the needs of their diverse stakeholders.

Price and Margin Governance Across Newly Acquired Companies

A Pricing function has to be ready to react to any change in market conditions. Failure to do so can impact margins hard and set a path to poor profit performance. With growth-by-acquisition remaining a key enabler for growth for many businesses, hear how one global pricing team has learnt to embrace newly acquired companies into their Pricing process, govern prices quickly and ensure that margin opportunities are not lost.

The Digital Wholesaler: New Opportunities to Unlock Value and Uplift Margins

In this session Vendavo Distribution experts will discuss new challenges, best practices, impact of the digital economy and lessons learned. Pricing, sales, and marketing professionals in the distribution industry will get to hear about some of the latest trends that will impact their work in the near future.

Driving Value with Pricing Analytics

Your transaction data is a treasure trove of information about your profitability. If utilized correctly, you can identify price, margin, and profit opportunities across your business. But there is much more that you can do with this data to drive measurable results. Join expert from a leading manufacturer, as he reviews common use cases for leveraging profit analytics for business value creation. From price outlier prevention to price effectiveness measurement, workflow tuning, and leakage correction, the presenter will share examples and tips on how to turn data findings into actionable opportunities that will drive revenue and margin improvement.


Closing Keynote