Vendavo’s Power & Risk Wins Stevie Award for Financial Management

By Michael Huard
August 20, 2015

Financial management requires a certain level of efficiency and effectiveness. Your company’s finances need to be controlled in a way that allows the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. If these finances are mismanaged, the entire operation can crumble.

I’m not here to debate the value of such a company focus; the benefits are astoundingly positive. No, this post is meant to present an option for your company to use financial management in a way that produces actionable insights, directly impacting your organization’s bottom line. And this option has been certified as world class.

But first, a little context.

The Stevie Awards are the leading international business awards. Now in its thirteenth year, the Stevies honor and recognize the achievements of organizations and their products in their pursuit of improving business operations. From consumer services to cloud storage, the Stevies celebrate the improvement of efficiency, customer satisfaction and more.

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In this year’s crop of winners, the Stevies selected Vendavo’s Power & Risk™ as one of the best new software products for financial management.

Power & Risk™ revolutionizes the way B2B organizations optimize prices and impact margins and profitability. By leveraging internal and external data, Power & Risk™ establishes pricing segments for pricing analysts to better guide sales teams towards the best price to close more deals more profitably. The software allows analysts and sales representatives to use strategic insights that increase margins and profitability and improve overall business performance.

As more companies work to adopt technologies that optimize financial management, acclaimed awards organizations like the Stevies are working to help newcomers to the field by narrowing the market to the best of the best and Vendavo is proud and honored to have been selected.

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    Michael Huard

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