Social Round Up — September Part 1

By Michael Huard
September 9, 2016

Every two weeks we will share some of the best articles we’ve found that cover the most pressing topics in business, finance, tech and more. Follow along on a daily basis with our Twitter account @Vendavo and on our LinkedIn company page.

Unlike other Social Round Ups, the past few weeks have had countless big news items that haven’t overtaken the news like in previous weeks. Mylan is bringing a cheaper version of the EpiPen to market. Hillary’s health was called into question. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston broke up. The list goes on. Here are a few more things in case you missed them.

1. Reinventing Business Intelligence: 7 Ways Big Data is Changing Business

Synopsis: Big Data has already changed the way we do business, but it is by no means close to reaching its full potential. These 7 operations can and will become exponentially more efficient with more advanced Big Data utilization.

Key Quote: “Big Data has the power to provide the information needed to reduce business costs…Knowing when something might happen improves forecasts and planning. Planners can determine when to produce and how much to produce.”

2. 5 Steps to a More Effective B2B Sales Approach

Synopsis: Spending on B2B services is set to increase by 20% next year. Companies cannot afford to be left behind. In this piece from Forbes, you will find a 5-step guide to increasing the effectiveness of your B2B sales approach.

Key Quote: “The best way to increase your chances of success is to take a look at your prospect. Think about their company and what their needs are likely to be. You should know your prospect inside and out so you can get right to the heart of the matter.”

3. Vendavo Build Price and Revenue Optimization into Business Processes

Synopsis: Price and revenue optimization has been achieving increasing acceptance, but penetration into the B2B landscape has been limited. This comes from the belief that change management is a hindrance, slowing the ROI. Ventana Research has found that this is not the case.

Key Quote: “Since “optimal” choices typically have short life spans in business-to-business dealings, pricing decisions must be reviewed on a regular basis and adapted to changing market conditions.”

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    Michael Huard

    Michael Huard is a Digital Marketing Manager with Vendavo. Before joining Vendavo, he worked as a Web Page Architect and Designer at Pepperdine University in the Integrated Marketing Communications department. He has a Master's degree in Specialized Journalism for the Arts from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley.