Social Round Up — July Part 1

By Michael Huard
July 1, 2016

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One thing is for certain these days: nobody knows what is going to happen. With seemingly very few expecting the Brexit to result in a “leave” vote, it happened. Since this has global economic implications, the Brexit will be our highlighted topic for the first Social Round Up of July.

Let us know what you think will happen in the wake of the Brexit in the comments!

1. What Does Brexit Mean for UK Manufacturing

Synopsis: The Brexit means UK manufacturers are scrambling to figure out what is going to happen next without overreacting. In many ways, the hypotheses about the uncertain, unstable economic repercussions have added to the problems. Here, a few industry leaders offer their opinions of how to proceed.

Key Quote: “A clear thread running through the statements made by industry leaders is the desire for stability, a desire that will only be satisfied when the UK’s new economic position is made clear.”

2. Brexit: 3 Key Implications for CFOs

Synopsis: A Brexit brings a host of new considerations for CFOs moving forward. In particular, liquidity, global mobility and employment, and economic disruptions are cause for concern and added attention.

Key Quote: “In the immediate aftermath of the result, employers will need to concentrate on reviewing the implications for their workforce and then communicating with their employees.”

3. Finance Chiefs Grapple with Brexit Vote

Synopsis: The Brexit vote’s immediate impact is challenging on many levels, but it also serves as an opportunity for some. Law and accounting firms, even consulting firms, will see an increase in projects as the dust settles on the legal impacts for bigger corporations with UK-based operations. These effects, however, are seen as short-term and only lasting until strategies are formed.

Key Quote: “The Brexit may generate a wave of new employment opportunities, creating jobs in the short-term at law and accounting firms as well as in government.”

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