Social Round Up — August Part 1

By Michael Huard
August 12, 2016

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The last two weeks have been: the Olympics is coming, the Olympics is under way, the pool is green! With that occupying the public eye, there are a few things that might have gone unnoticed. Take a look.

1. 6 B2B Sales Training Strategies That Will Help Your Salespeople Exceed Their Goals

Synopsis: Too often sales representatives are hired and immediately thrown into the deep end without adequate training. Leading B2B organizations properly train their new sales reps to empower them to succeed.

Key Quote: “If your goal is to build a sales program that is positioned for long-term success, then it has to be based on data.”

2. 10 Reasons Your Data Vision Will Fail

Synopsis: Companies that integrate data into their DNA are posing bigger and bigger threats to those with more traditional methods. These traditional companies will argue their vision is adequate. Yet, there are many ways in which this can fail.

Key Quote: “Many organizations have become some level of data-savvy out of necessity. One sign of maturity is the ability to execute well — not sporadically, but consistently.”

3. What B2B CFOs Can Learn From B2C Pricing

Synopsis: B2C pricing strategies are often viewed as mutually exclusive from their B2B counterparts. The business environments are different, so why would one strategy work in the other situation? As this article argues, this is not the case for some strategies. B2B CFOs can use some B2C strategies with profitable results.

Key Quote: “B2B companies must leverage their data to better understand customer behavior by segmenting by region, industry, customer size, transaction type, and product line.”

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